Saturday, December 03, 2005

Make your diamonds look bigger

Bigger is better

Yellow gold is rhodium polished in white color on the prongs (or claws) which hold the diamonds. This is done to enhance the color of the diamonds and make them look bigger.

Regular yellow colored prongs usually crowd around a small diamond and make it look smaller. If the diamonds were to be entirely set in white gold, some would tend to look more yellow in color and hence less precious.

Colorless diamonds i.e. those between D and F look whiter still when set in complete pockets of white gold. However, Near Colorless and Increasingly Yellow diamonds (G to T color range) look yellowier when set against a contrasting white of the rhodium. These diamonds are better off being set in settings made of yellow gold with hints of polish in white rhodium only on the prongs. This would tend to make the diamonds look bigger and cleaner.

Yellow diamonds ranging from U onwards get value added when set in yellow metal because their “fancy color” gets richer set against that background.

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